It is in every home, the benefits are innumerable! The cure for your troubles is a little water and salt.

It is in every home the benefits are innumerable The

Do you know that you can solve many of your problems with salt water? Thanks to the salt water, crystals and atoms in the salt, it helps to remove the negative electricity from the body and rest the body.

Especially after stressful days, putting 2 tablespoons of salt in 1 liter of water and washing your hands in this water helps to get rid of all that stress and remove negative electricity from the body.


Salt water, which has antiseptic properties, has a very positive effect on acne. In order to create this positive effect, it is sufficient to add 2 teaspoons of natural rock salt or refined salt in 1 glass of natural drinking water. Washing the face with this prepared water will have an effect just like the effect of sea water on the skin in summer, and if used regularly, even inflamed pimples will dry out and be removed from the skin.


Salt water is not only beneficial for facial health, but also for hands and feet. Rubbing the hands with salt water will both heal the wounds on the hands and remove the electricity in the body, at the same time wiping the nails with salt water will heal the nail wounds.


In order to get rid of foot odor, the feet should be placed in a basin every evening for 15 days, water should be added up to the ankle, and then 4 tablespoons of salt should be added and the feet should be allowed to stand in this water for 30 minutes. If this method, which is interrupted for 1 week after 15 days, is repeated for another 15 days, it will be observed that the fungi and bacteria that cause foot odor will disappear, and thus foot odor will not remain.


Salt water, which is also used to remove bad breath, acts as a natural mouthwash. Adding 1 teaspoon of salt to 1 glass of water and mixing it, then gargling and removing the water ensures that bad breath disappears in a short time.


One of the places where salt water is used the most is nasal congestion due to upper respiratory tract diseases. This method, which is especially useful for children and is very beneficial, is prepared by putting 1 teaspoon of salt into 1 tea glass of boiled water. When the salt, which is melted by mixing, is dripped into the nose with the help of a dropper, it helps to open the nasal congestion in a short time, and thus all that stuffy feeling is eliminated.