Irma Lehtosalo’s new move: fixes Christmas song

Irma Lehtosalos has gone from unknown to one of Sweden’s most popular people. After the success on television, she tested her vocal cords with the song Bävling and now she will do it again – with a Christmas song.

– I am very happy with the song. Hope everyone is listening, says Irma Lehtosalos in Efter fem.

The message came on Instagram and followers were not slow to send lots of love. “Sköningar”, writes one and “You are the best!”, writes another.

Angry creation process

But the creation process has not been surrounded by quite as much love. She has made the song together with her son Marko Lehtosalos and the atmosphere could sometimes get a little chilly in the studio – to say the least.

– You kept saying: “No, you’re wrong,” says Irma, and Marko counters:

– Yes, because you kept saying the wrong words in the wrong order. It was you who freaked out.

– No, you freaked out first!

Something they can agree on is who produced the song: Santa Claus.

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