Intel Ends i Series! Say Hello to the Core Ultra Family!

Intel Ends i Series Say Hello to the Core Ultra

Intel, one of the biggest technology brands of today, is putting an end to the processor family i series, which it has been using for a long time. Now new processors will come with the name Core Ultra.

The giant name of the processor world, Intel, is now putting an end to the i series that has been coming since the past. Intel, the legend of the computer world since 2008, is now preparing to make a radical change.

There is no clear information about when Intel will change the name of the desktop series. According to the news, it is expected to use this name with the new year.

The Intel Core Mobile H-series brand change will be as follows:

  • Core i9 1XX00H → Core (Ultra) 9 1X0XH
  • Core i7 1XX00H → Core (Ultra) 7 1X0XH
  • Core i5 1XX00H → Core (Ultra) 5 1X0XH
  • Core i3 1XX00H → Core (Ultra) 3 1X0XH

With its new name, Intel seems to make differences in its products. It is estimated that the new naming will be used on the mobile processor side from the next month.

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