Icon Michael Johnson’s radical proposal that could change everything for Armand Duplantis: “Nonsense, nonsense”

The legendary Michael Johnson wants to change the whole of athletics.
Which could have devastating consequences for Armand Duplantis.
– Nonsense, nonsense. It makes me laugh, says an upset Miro Zalar to Radiosporten.

He is one of athletics’ greatest icons of all time. The legendary one Michael Johnson has won Olympic gold, World Cup gold and broken world records, but now he comes with a highly controversial proposal.

Johnson’s proposal

The American now works as an expert at the BBC and wants to see several changes to improve athletics. Johnson believes that it is too slow during athletics competitions and wants to see the events only take 15 minutes at most.

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000925 Olympics, Athletics, 400 meters: Michael Johnson won (Gold, cheers) © Bildbyrån – OS00

He mainly criticizes jumping and throwing competitions, which take far too long and take place at the same time as other disciplines. Shorten them to 15 minutes or remove the jumping and throwing competitions from the big athletics galas, says Michael Johnson in a statement on Twitter.

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Mondo is affected

For the Swedish world star Armand Duplantis would this have devastating consequences and affect pole vaulting enormously. Johnson’s proposal has already sparked strong reactions around the athletics world.
– I will be very brief and say: Nonsense, nonsense. How can we conduct a pole vault competition in 15 minutes? It could only happen if “Mondo” is the only one who competes and starts at a very high level and then goes for the world record, says an upset Miro Zalar to Radiosporten.
– But everyone else then, how are they supposed to compete? You make me laugh. I think he’s totally out and about. It would probably have made his job at the BBC easier as he only knows running.

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230202 Armand Duplantis of Sweden during the pole vault competition Mondo Classic on February 2, 2023 in Uppsala. Photo: Staffan Claesson / BILDBYRÅN / COP 251 / SC0046

Icon Michael Johnson is convinced that athletics must fundamentally change in order to continue to grow as a sport. In his attention-grabbing post on Twitter, see it below, he justifies why no one would create such a sport as athletics if it happened today.

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Armand Duplantis is currently the world’s best pole vaulter and completely dominates his sport. Earlier this year, “Mondo” broke a new world record by jumping 6.22 meters.

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