How simple socks can double breast milk production?

How simple socks can double breast milk production

A simple trick would allow you to express your milk twice as much. To do this, it would be enough to use a pair of socks to pump in large quantities.

Are you breastfeeding your baby and sometimes wonder if you have expressed enough milk, or if your baby has eaten enough? New mothers are often stressed about not having enough breast milk when placing their breast pump on their breasts. But a simple tip that has gone viral on social networks would allow you to obtain twice as much milk. In addition to being effective according to mothers who have tested this practice, it has the advantage of remaining relaxed and zen. So what is this method that only requires a pair of little baby socks?

To get started, make yourself comfortable with all the accessories you need to express your milk as usual. Cover each of your bottles with a sock, so as not to see the contents, and express your milk. It turns out that by hiding the amount of milk expressed, you somehow “trick” your brain and as a result, the volume of milk is much greater.

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On Instagram, a video published by Johanna Sargeant, lactation consultant, on the Legendairymilk account, garnered more than 21,000 likes. “I advise moms to put a sock over their bottle, and it gives incredible results. Some women often bring in 2 to 3 times more milk when they mentally distance themselves from the outcome of their pumping session,” she said. -she explains. A tip that is particularly aimed at mothers who are stressed since it can inhibit the release of oxytocin, necessary for good lactation.

It is therefore advisable to relax as much as possible before expressing your milk, and why not, try to hide the bottles at the right time. You’d be surprised when you take these socks off! Some lactation experts also advise young mothers to look at photos of their children when expressing milk to promote the feel-good hormone, which can also help express milk more easily.