how Biden and his men are waging the proxy war

how Biden and his men are waging the proxy war

In this episode of La Loupe, Xavier Yvon analyzes how the American president and his men intend to put an end as quickly as possible to the conflict in Ukraine with Axel Gyldèn, journalist with the World service of L’Express.

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The team: Xavier Yvon (writing and presentation), Ambre Rosala (editing), Jules Krot (directing).

Credits: ABC, France24, Washington Post, Joe Biden YouTube channel, CBS, PBS, NBC, CNN

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Xavier Yvon: For 16 months now, in La Loupe, we have endeavored to regularly analyze the evolution of the war in Ukraine… the military strategies of each camp, the role of new weapons, the impact of the weather… but whatever the subject, in each episode, there is necessarily a moment when we talk about a country other than Ukraine or Russia…

Clement Daniez : “…and Ukrainian crews train on American armored infantry.”

Axel Gylden: “A lot of soldiers have been trained by American special forces.”

Clement Daniez : “Because these weapons, they can make a difference. We have an example that we know. We have already spoken about it in L’Express, it is the American rocket launchers.”

Paul Veronica: “The head of American diplomacy, Antony Blinken, promised him financial assistance of 53 million dollars for the purchase of new generators.”

Clement Daniez: “If Ukraine is holding up today, it’s thanks to American weapons.”

The future of Ukraine is in fact not only being played out on the Eastern front, in Kiev or in Moscow… It is also being decided day by day in Washington, where Joe Biden, surrounded by a shock team , leads the proxy war on Vladimir Putin…

How have the American president and his men succeeded, so far, in preventing Russia from achieving its goals? And how do they intend to put an end to the conflict as quickly as possible? These are the questions we are looking at today.

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