Here is the best starchy food to speed up a slow metabolism after 50

Here is the best starchy food to speed up a

It has half the calories of pasta.

After age 50, our metabolism naturally slows down and it is more difficult to maintain a stable weight, or even lose a few pounds. “Various reasons, such as muscle wasting and hormonal changes (especially due to menopause), cause the body’s metabolism to slow down as we age.“, explains Dr Varsha Khatri, nutritionist and doctor specializing in the digestive sphere in the American media SheFinds. However, a slowed metabolism can be counteracted by adopting very simple changes in your diet.

According to the expert, the ideal is not to eat so-called “simple” starchy foods like white pasta or basmati rice every day, but to consume more complex starchy foods, rich in essential minerals. These nutrients have several roles: they facilitate digestion, ensure a constant flow of glucose (sugar) in the blood circulation – which prevents sudden drops in energy – cravings and excess food which can harm metabolism. They are also rich in fiber which helps us feel full longer in addition to promoting good digestion. All of this helps manage weight as you age. The starchy food she recommends is therefore rich in complex carbohydrates, offers sustained energy release and support for metabolic function. It is one of the lowest-calorie starchy foods with around 63 calories per 100g compared to 132 calories per 100g of cooked pasta.

From my professional point of view, there are two favorable choices for incorporating complex carbohydrates into your daily diet. First there is quinoa which provides protein and nutrients. But what I recommend is especially sweet potatoes which contain enough fiber, vitamins and minerals such as beta-carotene“, she explains in thearticle. She recommends eating it, for example, in the evening with vegetables and a lean protein (white meat, white fish, eggs, lentils, etc.) or incorporating sweet potatoes into cakes (for snacks or breakfast). ) in the form of flour or puree. This replaces eggs and provides a melting texture.