Here are the big swimwear trends for summer 2023

Here are the big swimwear trends for summer 2023

Rather one piece, bikini or trikini? The Stylight platform has unveiled the swimwear trends for summer 2023. Take notes!

The summer of 2023 promises to be hot in terms of style! In his last reportthe fashion specialist website Stylight revealed major trends swimwear of the year. To make its predictions, the platform relied on the research and buying habits of its 120 million users, as well as clicks from 1er March to April 19, 2023, compared to those of the previous year on the same dates.

Here are the swimwear trends to adopt urgently according to Stylight:

  • The Mermaid Core
  • The scoop neckline
  • Ruffled swimsuits
  • The micro bikinis
  • The cut-out trend

The Mermaid Core

Under the ocean… Who has never dreamed of following Ariel and his friends on their aquatic adventures? This summer, everything is possible, thanks to the mermaid core (translated into French as “mermaid style”). Waiting for the theatrical release of the live action The little Mermaid on May 24, 2023, shell-shaped swimsuits and glittery materials are trending, with more than 27% increase in searches on Stylight since last year.

The scoop neckline

To have an ultra look glamour this summer, swimsuits high necklines are to be preferred. This trend, which saw an increase in clicks of +1,000% on Stylight, is mainly available on models a play, an essential for the summer season. Inspired by 80 yearsthese swimsuits are worn day with sandals, and nightunder a long flowered skirt.

Ruffled swimsuits

Frilly And ruffles will be at the forefront of the fashion scene for summer 2023. These details sublimate all swimsuits, whether colourful, openwork or high-cut, for a style girly as desired. Since 2022, Stylight has seen an increase in clicks of over 240% on these products.

The micro bikinis

Mom, I shrunk my bathing suit! THE micro bikinis are particularly popular on Styligh and have recorded a 1,000% increase in clicks since 2022. Very practical models to show off as much tanned skin as possible at the start of the school year.

The cut-out trend

After the clothes, the cut out invades the swimwear. With a 43% increase in clicks in one year on Stylight, cut-out swimsuits are a must. Only advice: crack for a cut out model once the skin is already tanned, otherwise you will display somewhat anarchic traces of tan.