Hardly anyone has seen what is possibly the best action film with Gerard Butler in the cinema – get the limited Steelbook now

Hardly anyone has seen what is possibly the best action

Gerard Butler’s extensive filmography isn’t all gems. In addition to highlights such as 300, many weaker titles are represented. But recently the appearances of the British action star were convincing again. The disaster film Greenland did everything right where the flop Geostorm failed. And the action thriller Plane, which was almost boldly and simply titled, was a success both with critics and at the box office – even if not in Germany.

Plan limited 4K Steelbook on Amazon


To the deal

On May 19 Plane will be released as dvd *, Blu ray *, 4K Blu-ray * and as limited 4K Steelbook *. If you don’t have a Blu-ray player at home, you can also download the old-school action by Amazon Prime Video * stream.

Plane: “Nothing special, but really good for it”

In the criticism of our colleagues from film starts, Plane comes off surprisingly well. With his strong performance, Butler is not only the hero of the day, but also grows beyond the bounds of the run-of-the-mill script and thus saves the whole film. The action interludes also develop an astonishing degree of authenticity without unnecessary CGI sensationalism and make you even more excited for that reason

This is what the plan is about:

A flight from Singapore to Tokyo is caught in a storm after the airline banned pilot Brodie Torrance (Gerard Butler) from avoiding the storm to save money. Of course things go wrong, the plane is struck by lightning and Torrance has to land on an island in the South Pacific Ocean. But this is where the real mess begins: the passengers are captured by terrorists and Torrance must team up with a convicted killer (Mike Colter) to save himself and the other hostages…

The $25 million production grossed around $52 million worldwide – not bad. Of this, however, only just under $1.4 million went to German cinemas. So few of you should have experienced the actioner in the cinema. The good box-office result and the positive reception from critics and audiences even convinced those responsible so much that a sequel with a similarly curious name is already being planned.

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