HANDBALL. France – Poland: on the right track, the summary of the match

HANDBALL France Poland on the right track the summary

Against Poland, the French team appeared in the run-in but knew how to ensure the essentials to win by two goals and perfectly launch their world championships (26-24).

22:41 – Like in 2017?

By winning against Poland, the French team ensured the essentials and perfectly started their world championships (26-24). A narrow success which is reminiscent of that of 2017 when the Blues had won only one goal at home on an almost identical score (26-25). Let’s hope for the band of Guillaume Gille that this difficult victory against the Poles can augur the same final result as 6 years ago, since France had won its sixth world title on this occasion.

22:29 – France wins against Poland (26-24)

Sicko accelerates in the tricolor defense and comes to plant a last goal. Insufficient to allow Poland to avoid defeat. At the end of a match that she will not have managed to pack and where she will have struggled to put the rhythm, the French team wins (26-24). Mem will have been invaluable in attack with 6 goals, when Gérard was able to make the decisive saves at the end of the match. If progress remains to be made, the entry into the running in this Swedish-Polish World Cup is successful.

22:27 – Nahi secures victory (26-23)

The Blues make the seconds tick away by playing offshore. When the referees arm goes up, Mem accelerates. the ball goes through Karabatic and Fabregas before reaching Nahi who scores unopposed.

22:26 – Sicko for hope (25-23)

Served by Jedrazczyk, Sicko plays with Mem on the left by returning his run, takes advantage of a screen in front of Fabregas and comes to plant a new goal which allows the Poles to come back to 2 goals but with only one minute to play.

22:23 – Gérard’s double parade (25-22)

While he went through the second period like a ghost, Gérard released two consecutive parries on Moryto on the right wing and on a central sector shot from Sicko. A great inspiration as there are only two minutes left in this match.

22:22 – Lenne at the finish (25-22)

Fabregas is solid in contact and concentrates the defenders before shifting to the right wing Lenne. The latter enjoys the space and deceives the opposing goalkeeper with a shot at the near post.

10:20 p.m. – Fabregas shoots the post, Remili clever (24-22)

Served in a complicated position at the pivot, Fabregas does not put enough effect in his ball which dies on the left post. On the comeback of the Polish ball, Remili provokes a trickster passage. The Blues are doing well on this sequence.

22:19 – Jedrazczyk in the meantime (24-22)

Following the exit of Mem, Jedrazczyk exploits the French inferiority by passing on the left in front of Fabregas, before deceiving a Gérard, not successful in this second act.

22:18 – Mem takes 2 minutes (24-21)

As the Poles face a raised arm from the referees and are about to lose the ball, Mem is penalized for a foul on the opposing pivot and takes 2 minutes.

22:15 – Mahé gives air (24-21)

After a completely missed attack when they were in numerical superiority, the Poles concede a penalty, Dawydzick swinging Fabregas during his shot. Mahé is responsible for transforming the sanction of a shot in first intention on the left. The Blues take a 3-goal lead and the local coach calls a time-out to break the French dynamic.

22:14 – Fabregas in a mouse hole (23-21)

Remili seems to be struggling in his choice of game and attacks the central sector defense before releasing his ball for Fabregas. In the middle of three defenders, the French pivot manages to find a space and exploit it.

22:12 – Briet unblocks (22-21)

Mahé crosses his race on the left and gives Briet who transplants in the axis and takes Morawski on the wrong foot to restore the advantage to the Blues.

22:10 – Jedrazczyk brings Poland back (21-21)

After giving way to the blue defense, passing behind his back, Jedrazczyk catches Briet with a school frame-overflow before deceiving Gérard and equalizing for Poland.

22:08 – Mem takes matters into her own hands (21-19)

Dika Mem is in a good dynamic. Served by Mahé, he took advantage of poor support from Pietrasik which opened the door for him into which he rushed to sign his 6th goal. He scored the last three of the Blues.

22:06 – Mem goes alone (20-19)

Mem is not attacked and faced with the lack of a solution decides to take his chance. The Barcelonian approaches 9 meters, and with a diving shot deceives Morawski.