Grace Kelly, the secrets of her perfect beauty revealed

Grace Kelly the secrets of her perfect beauty revealed

From Hollywood actress to Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly has made her name synonymous with class, glamor and grace. 40 years after her death, she continues to inspire. Beauty portrait of a woman who made history.

The luminous beauty of Grace Kelly has marked the history of American cinema as much as the Monegasque princely life. She quickly became a iconic blonde thanks to his roles in many classics like “Fenêtre sur cour” or “La Main au collet”. LAlfred Hitchcock’s favorite actress even won an Oscar as best actress for the film “A Provincial Girl“. At 27, the actress left the cinema to marry Prince Rainier. She became a full-time princess of Monaco before meeting a tragic end on a road on the Côte d’Azur on September 14, 1982. Despite her death 40 years ago, Grace Kelly remains the perfect embodiment of beauty.

The timeless grace of Grace Kelly

When we talk about Grace Kelly, we first think of her major influence on fashion. But it is impossible not to mention its unparalleled beauty. In addition to her acting talent, Grace Kelly transcended the screen with her notched bob, her diaphanous complexion and her sparkling eyes. What characterized her elegance and unparalleled grace: her Hitchcockian blonde. It is also thanks to her light blonde that she became one of the favorite heroines of the English director Alfred Hitchcock. This one used to play with the icy blondeness of women. Prude in appearance, but with great sensual charm. Thus, to qualify the future Princess of Monaco, he declared: “Everyone says she’s cold and distant. But for me, she has always been a volcano under the snow“. In the whirlwind of sexiness of the 1950s, the American managed to get noticed without forgetting her principles. Never provocative, she was described as the anti-Marilyn Monroe by film critics. She didn’t need bling and glitter to highlight her assets. On the contrary, the simplicity was enough to highlight it. In short, Grace Kelly lived up to her first name better than anyone.

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Hairstyle, makeup… beauty tips from the Princess of Monaco

If Grace Kelly wore little makeup, her beauty was no less elaborate. To enhance the oval of her face, she used the law of light and shadow, very well known in the world of cinema. The trick? Use three shades of foundation (one beige, one lighter beige and one ivory) and two different blushes. To maintain her sheer complexion, she wore a lot of sunglasses and hats. A rare thing at that time, she liked to adopt the nude makeup while all the women had colored eyes, brightly colored lips and fuchsia cheekbones. Thus, she sported eyelids delicately made up in beige, gray or brown with eyelashes covered in mascara. There was no question of putting on false eyelashes. His eyebrows were always drawn to perfection to structure his face. Grace Kelly highlighted the natural color of her lips by applying a tone-on-tone shade. When it wasn’t slicked back, her blonde hair was styled in impeccable waves or pulled up into a sophisticated bun. Everything was measured. As for perfume, the Princess of Monaco wore Fleurissimo by Creed. A citrusy, powdery and floral fragrance created at the request of Prince Rainier for their wedding.

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A family that proves that beauty is genetic

Forty years later, Grace Kelly’s elegance remains intact thanks to her heirs. If her daughters and all her granddaughters share her irresistible charm, there is one resemblance that gets people talking a lot: that of Camille Gottlieb.

Blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, the youngest daughter of Stéphanie de Monaco looks more and more like her legendary grandmother. If the 24-year-old young woman does not have the same name as the late princess, there is no doubt about the transmission of her legendary beauty over the generations. This is enough to keep the Grace Kelly myth alive.