Germany holds its breath: Super strike risks leading to total chaos

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With demands for a wage increase of over ten percent, large unions are today trying to paralyze Germany. Work commuting, trains and flights are hit hard by nationwide strikes. In Germany, a nationwide transport strike has begun, affecting airports, ports, railways, buses and subways around the country. Over 100,000 workers in the transport sector are taking part in the strike, which is being held after tough wage discussions in the shadow of high inflation. Since the night of Monday, large parts of the country’s regional and local train traffic have been completely stopped, which is expected to lead to traffic chaos on the roads during the day, according to several German media. About 350,000 employees in various parts of the transport sector were called to strike by the German trade union Ver.di and the country’s railway and transport union EVG, Germany’s Spiegel reports. The strike is part of a long conflict that has been going on for several years. Domestic flights are also largely stopped, according to the German airports’ websites. But the international flight goes, albeit partly with delays. See more about the strike in the player above.