Garmin unveils new high-end “Pro” smartwatches

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Garmin, one of the largest companies in its smart watch product range, today launched its high-end “Pro” smart watch models. introduced.

Garmin presents us today specifically Epix 2 Pro And Fenix ​​7 Pro came out with smart watch models. These watches are focused directly on the budget pros and come with advanced technical features such as the Apple Watch Ultra. The watches, which are built on bodies that are extremely resistant to harsh conditions, have different versions within themselves. which have LED light in common (Available in every body size) models thus provide a nice safety aid for off-road enthusiasts who like to go on night tours. The light you can see in the gallery above, which can also light up in a red color for emergencies, has a very high brightness as reported. With its newly developed optical heart rate sensors and developed performance algorithms, it has a round design that provides more accurate and detailed data on health. Epix 2 Pro And Fenix ​​7 Pro, It can provide detailed information about upcoming weather events, automatically recognizes many sports, increases safety with topographic maps, which are very important in the field, and provides numerous opportunities to increase the performance of athletes. “score based” They carry automatic analysis infrastructure.


It is one of the smart watch models built on colorful AMOLED screens with high clarity and brightness. Fenix ​​7 Pro, With its version that can be assisted by solar energy, it can stay on duty much longer than the normal versions. The watches can reach 30 days in general use. According to the statement made by Garmin, the starting price of the Epix 2 Pro from $800Fenix ​​7 Pro’s starting price is full from $900 starting. It is possible that these watches will be sold in Turkey in the future.