From the same director (!) and with Netflix darling Omar Sy

From the same director and with Netflix darling Omar

John Woo is one of the most important exponents of Hong Kong cinema and has the Action Movie History significantly shaped. He’s been causing explosions and broken bones on screen since the 1970s. His trademark slow-motion flying pigeons have also made it into many of his Hollywood films.

After things have gotten a little quieter around Woo in recent years, he’s now in touch with one special project back: He is directing a US remake of his 1989 Heroic Bloodshed classic The Killer. The film is being made for the streaming service Peacock and bears the catchy title of the original.

John Woo remasters The Killer: the US remake of the action masterpiece starring Omar Sy and Nathalie Emmanuel

The new edition of The Killer comes up with two well-known stars, as Deadline reports. While Omar Sy, known from the Netflix series Lupin, plays the eponymous killer, Game of Thrones star Nathalie Emmanuel takes on the second major role in the film. Thanks to her Fast & Furious involvement, she has plenty of action experience.

You can watch the trailer for the original The Killer here:

The Killer – Trailer (German) HD

Remakes are nothing new in Hollywood. That a director reissues his own film – that happens much less often. So we can be all the more excited to see what Woo has come up with for the new version of The Killer. The script was written by Matthew Stuecken, Josh Campbell, Eran Creevy and Brian Helgeland.

When is The Killer remake coming out?

John Woo’s remake of The Killer is yet to be released this year at Peacock appear. It is currently unclear when and how the film will come to Germany. What you should definitely have in mind, however, is that we have a completely different film with the same title waiting for us this year. The Killer is a new thriller from Netflix directed by David Fincher and starring Michael Fassbender.

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