Freezing murder in Värmland – Brother met the suspect

Freezing murder in Varmland Brother met the suspect

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In 2018, Brother Stake sold his car to the man who is suspected of the murder in Värmland.

But the car was registered to the woman who was found in a freezer on Thursday, according to Aftonbladet’s information.

– I never saw or heard of any woman, he says.

On Thursday, the police found a woman’s body in a freezer in a place in Värmland. Just over two miles from there, the couple Bror and Yvonne Stake live in a terraced house.

The news shocks them. But at the same time not, adds Brother Stake.

Five years ago, Brother Stake stepped out onto the farm where the man who is now suspected of murdering his partner lives.

The couple was going to sell their car to the Norwegian – but it was then registered to the woman.

– As far as I know, I sold the car to a man. But it was immediately understood that the Norwegian was a little trickster, says Bror.

Brother Stake flips through the documents in a pile.

According to Aftonbladet’s information, the car must have been registered to the woman who is now dead.

– I never heard of any woman, nor did I see her in the yard when I left the car. I actually drove it there but only saw drawn curtains when I was there, he says.

full screen Brother sold his car to the suspect. Photo: Peter Wixtröm
full screen The man’s yard is cordoned off on Saturday. Photo: Peter Wixtröm

“Shared a car with a suspected murderer”

Brother says that he was driven home by the Norwegian. He was behaving strangely, he says.

– He was a bit quiet and stopped to shop when he drove me home, says Bror and continues:

– But he wasn’t rude. It feels very strange now in retrospect that you have shared a car with a suspected murderer. He then let go of me, that was the last I saw of him.

The woman and the man, who were a couple, moved from Norway to Sweden many years ago. They settled on the farm in Värmland where they lived together for a few years.

Then the woman disappeared.

full screenBrother and Yvonne Stake. Photo: Peter Wixtröm

“It’s so macabre”

Torbjörn Sjödin lives near the arrested man.

He distanced himself after the first meeting, he says.

– It is so macabre that it makes you sick when you hear the story now. I have seen the man’s partner on a few occasions when they moved here and have spoken to the man on a few occasions. Then she disappeared, says Torbjörn.

The man is suspected of murdering his partner and then putting her in a freezer. On Sunday afternoon, a custody hearing will be held against the man, who is in his 60s.

He has been requested to be detained on reasonable suspicion of murder, and on probable grounds suspected of grave breach of peace and breach of the peace of mind. He admits to breaking the peace.

Crime must have been committed in 2018

According to Aftonbladet’s previous information, the woman may have been dead for eight years. It appears from the prosecutor’s arrest warrant that the offense against the woman took place sometime between September 2018 and March 16 this year. Which in that case indicates that the dead woman was put in the freezer about 4.5 years ago.

The Norwegian has previously been hospitalized and treated for psychiatric problems on several occasions, reports VG.

Last year he was convicted of drunk driving and serious illegal driving and has also previously been convicted of rape in Norway.