first info on the live-action TV series that will take place at

first info on the live action TV series that will take
No, you’re not dreaming and it’s in no way an early April Fool’s Day: the animated Cat’s Eye, which rocked the youth of so many forties today, will be adapted into a TV series of 8 episodes of 52 minutes. If the news has been around social networks and the front page of the media for a few minutes, in reality, the information had already been revealed by LeParisien at the beginning of March. It is TF1 which is at the origin of this somewhat crazy project, undoubtedly galvanized by the success of Nicky Larson by Philippe Lacheau in 2018. The two works have the author in common, since they were both drawn by Tsukasa Hōjō, who is behind these two anime. A first poster of this Cat’s Eye signed TF1 was published on the cover of Le Film Français, which specifies that the shooting of this series will start in the fall of 2023 in Paris, as we can see with this Eiffel Tower in the center of the image .

For the time being, the casting has not yet been chosen, but TF1 knows that it is playing big, since the success of this series will also be based on the nostalgia of the spectators. Will the writers have the guts to choose Asian actresses the three rambunctious sisters to stick to the source material, or are we going to be whitewashed as is often the case? The question needs to be asked. In any case, TF1 sees things big for this series which will not arrive on the small screen before the fall of 2024, knowing that there are desires to also sell the series internationally …

Among the production elements that are known, we know that the project is supervised by director Alexandre Laurent, who already has two other TF1 series to his credit, namely “Combattantes” and “Bazar de la Charité”. Not phew we agree. It is otherwise produced by the production company Big Band Story (“Bellefond”, “Léo Matteï”) and written by many people, namely Michel Catz, Justine Kim-Gautier, Antonin Martin-Hilbert, Anne-Charlotte Kassab, Coline Dussaud and Audrey Gagneux. The series will tell the origin of the Cat’s Eyes trio that are Sylia, Tam and Alexia, when they have to improvise burglars in the most beautiful and secure monuments of Paris. We recall that in the cartoon, our three women are waitresses in a café during the day, and burglars at night with the aim of recovering the paintings that belonged to their father who mysteriously disappeared. Inspector Quentin Chapuis is in charge of the investigation, but he never manages to get his hands on these thieves, for the simple reason that he is in a relationship with Tam, who plays with him.