F1 car driven by Lewis Hamilton sold for record price

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Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton Formula 1 car used by is sold for a record price sold.

Lewis Hamilton used in races and won victories by “2013 Mercedes-AMG Petronas W04” Formula 1 car, It was sold for 18.8 million dollars at auction. The Formula 1 race was held last weekend. Based in Las Vegasn and It was not announced who won the auction, which broke a record in the modern period. The most expensive Formula 1 car sold at auction before any vehicle used in the modern era. Michael Schumacherwon his sixth Formula 1 world championship F2003-GA by Ferrari was the model. This vehicle was sold in full at an auction in Switzerland last year. It was sold for $14.9 million. This car of Lewis Hamilton could not break the biggest record. A 1954 Mercedes-Benz W196R driven by Juan Manuel Fangio at an auction 10 years ago It found a buyer for exactly 29.6 million dollars. It seems unlikely that modern-day vehicles will exceed $29 million, but still, that’s almost as much as that reached. 19 million dollars seems truly incredible. As far as it is reported, Hamilton, who has been away from the championship fight for the last two years, has launched this V8 engine W04 race car with the ear-ringing sound that we miss so much. Used it in 14 of the 19 races in the 2013 Formula 1 season. And Hungary managed to win the race.