“Extraordinary” price announced for Asus RTX 4090 ROG Matrix

Extraordinary price announced for Asus RTX 4090 ROG

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Standing out as the strongest of the company and bearing remarkable details Asus RTX 4090 ROG Matrix “crazy” price for announced.

Asus came out with a very special RTX 4090 graphics card last May. Asus RTX 4090 ROG Matrix All the details for this graphics card named after were given today, the most curious detail was the price. While $ 1,600 should be paid for a single normal RTX 4090, Asus’ new graphics card It is necessary to sacrifice exactly 3,600 dollars. In other words, the graphics card that will be sold for the price of two RTX 4090 is breathtaking in this respect. The most powerful graphics card Asus has ever produced It is located in. Placing the great-looking graphics card in a metal frame, Asus cools the card with a 360mm AIO and states that the card can reach higher clock speeds than all RTX 4090s. Asus is also breaking new ground with this card. engages liquid metal in the cooling process. Liquid metal, which many manufacturers are already actively using, shows higher performance than normal thermal paste and In this way, cooling performance increases significantly. There is something about liquid metal used in PlayStation 5. “No risk of leakageThe company made a statement and stated that liquid metal is “magical” he describes it as. The main cooling power of the card is, of course, It comes from a 360 mm radiator with three fans. These RGB fans, which are reported to have high static pressure and air flow, rotate at a speed of less than 1000 RPM to ensure that the graphics card operates at only 60 degrees under 450W TGP, according to Asus. It does not seem very likely for this card to come to Turkey at the moment.