Esports team is building a 13-story gaming palace in the heart of Brazil’s richest city

Alienware opens its third training center for e-athletes and young talents in cooperation with Team Liquid. In addition to the “Rainbow Six Siege” roster, employees will also work in São Paulo, events will take place and young talents will be trained.

What is it about?

  • Team Liquid is one of the most successful esports teams in the world and has international rosters for various games.
  • In order to promote their players in the best possible way, Team Liquid built the first training center in Los Angeles in cooperation with Alienware back in 2017.
  • With 13 floors and approximately 3092 square meters of space, the new center is huge and twice the size of the other two training centers in Utrecht (Netherlands) and Los Angeles (California).
  • What exactly was opened? São Paulo is now home to the third Alienware Training Facility – or AWTF for short. The building houses Alienware high-performance computers that the team uses to train and prepare for future tournaments.

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    What’s in the new building? The training center is huge with 13 floors. Up to 20 employees can live and work there. In addition to conference rooms, streaming rooms and classic offices, up to 20 employees live in the building. A private gym, Pilates studio, relaxation room and restaurant are included. A cook also works there to ensure that players and employees are well looked after.

    Why in Brazil of all places? The Team Liquid roster for Rainbow Six Siege consists primarily of Brazilian players. In addition, the teams for Valorant and Fortnite are also based in Brazil, as well as other employees who take care of the various activities related to the team.

    In addition, Team Liquid already operates a training center with Alienware in both Europe and North America, making South America an even more attractive location. The country’s large fan base also benefits from this, because the building has an event hall and a fan area.

    One of the rooms in the Alienware Training Facility

    Several million dollars for customizations

    Own building? The complete renovation and customization of the downtown São Paulo building cost the team and Alienware millions of dollars. The construction measures were necessary to adapt the existing building to the needs of the team. There are many office buildings in the heart of the city, but their infrastructure was not suitable for the e-sports team.

    Why is it worth it? Team Liquid has already invested in its own future with the facilities in North America and Europe, because in addition to the current players who train there, young e-sports talents are also coached. Team Liquid is now securing new players at three locations.

    In Brazil in particular, the team also has other plans: regular events and tournaments are to be held at the center to promote the e-sports community in Brazil. In addition, the Game Changers World Championship will take place in the city of millions this year – a large, exclusive Valorant tournament.

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