Ebba Busch (KD) refutes rumors of internal division: “Feels great support”

Support for the Christian Democrats in public opinion has steadily declined since the election last year. In the most recent survey, the party landed at 3.5 percent – i.e. below the parliamentary threshold.

It is with that background that people now gather in Helsingborg.

But party leader Ebba Busch is not stressed about the situation. She states that KD has received the voters’ support to “clean up after eight years of rather messy politics”.

– It is not always so appreciated when you start cleaning up after it, but when the work is finished, I think we will be rewarded in public opinion. And as you know, there are three years until the next election, she says in Morgonstudion.

“Experiences great support”

At the same time have The evening paper reported, citing sources in the party, that there has been a split within KD as a result of the handling of the EU electoral list and that Ebba Busch’s future may be subject to discussion if things go badly in the EU elections next year.

– I have many more years in me and experience great support in my party beyond this media spin in which a few have an interest, and which I am not even sure exists in the party, says Ebba Busch.

Hear the KD leader before the Rikstinget in the video player above.