DIRECT. Pau – Toulouse: Jaminet holds a festival, follow this Top 14 match live

DIRECT Pau Toulouse Jaminet holds a festival follow this

At the end of the 5th day of the Top 14, Pau, a team in good form at the start of the season, hosts Toulouse, the reigning French champion, at the Hameau stadium. Several Mondialists are on the ground including Jaminet, author of a perfect score.

Score Racing 92



Score Toulouse



21:53 – Graou removes the danger a little (39th)

Under pressure, the scrum half takes the ball out just after 22 meters.

21:51 – Gailleton finds a superb touch in this Pau – Toulouse (38th)

From the halfway line, following a pass behind the back, the Section Paloise center takes the ball out five meters from the Toulouse in-goal.

9:50 p.m. – The crossover continues between Pau and Toulouse (10-9, 36th)

At 45 meters, in front of the posts, Simmonds gives the Section Paloise a point.

21:46 – Domination reverses in scrum in this Pau – Toulouse (35th)

In difficulty, Gigena gave way to Seneca. As a result, Franks suffers in turn. He has just conceded a penalty for a link that was too short.

21:45 – Manu lost this offensive ammunition (32nd)

While trying to create a fixation point, the Pau center dropped the ball on Germain’s tackle.

21:42 – Ainu’u makes an avoidable mistake (31st)

The Stade Toulousain pillar was caught in an illegal offside position. Simmonds brought his team back within the opposing 22 meters.

21:41 – Toulouse settles in the Pau camp (28th)

For the moment, the reigning French champion is playing to his hand. Pau fails to complete this part.

9:38 p.m. – Jaminet adds three points (7-9, 26th)

Opposite the posts, 45 meters away, the back of Stade Toulousain is, once again, very precise.

21:37 – Gigena is caught in scrum again (24th)

The Argentine left pillar pushed across. Jaminet shows the poles to try to give the advantage back to his team.

9:35 p.m. – Pau loses a second touch against the Toulouse lineup (23rd)

When going to play out wide, Ainu’u made a forward move. The Paloise Section did very well at the time with a scrum in its 40 meters.

21:35 – Roumat steals an attack ammunition from Pau (22nd)

On an opposing throw, the third center line felt the blow in the middle of the alignment.

21:34 – Jaminet reduces the gap between Pau and Toulouse (7-6, 21st)

Despite the length, the Toulouse rear did not tremble under the whistles of the supporters of the Section Paloise.

21:32 – Attissogbe’s try is canceled, Pau does not make the break against Toulouse (7-3, 20th)

Jostled in the air, Germain obtains a penalty, 45 meters away, in the corner. Jaminet points to the posts.

21:31 – Simmonds converts the try (14-3, 20th)

At 22 meters, in front of the poles, the opener scores three points, but Nuchy is called by his video referee. We want to check the duel in the air between Germain and Attissogbe.

21:29 – Attissogbe goes to score a try on the counter-attack! (12-3, 19th)

The winger anticipated Franks’ pass well, and quickly got the better of Jaminet to score the second try for the Paloise Section.