Diablo 4 Shows Off New Gameplay For All Classes Ahead Of Release, But Fans Only Care About The Music: “Ah, Yes, Belial Eilish”

With just a few days left until the release of Diablo 4, what better way to heat up the spirits of the players than with a new gameplay trailer for all classes. Blizzard did exactly that, but instead of cheering, it rained criticism not because of the gameplay, but because of the music.

What is the problem? Blizzard released a new gameplay trailer for Diablo 4 on May 18th. This shows various classes in action and how they deal with hordes of monsters.

Despite the cool recordings, many fans question the choice of music in the comments on YouTube, because instead of metal or dark melodies, Billie Eilish, a singer who is also known for the song “Bad Guy”, is used.

“Out of all the epic soundtracks to choose from, you picked this…thing.”

We have included the trailer here for you so that you can watch the song and the cool shows from the various classes:

Diablo 4 shows what cool attacks each class has on it – but fans prefer to talk about the music selection

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What are the players saying? Most of the players can’t understand Blizzard’s choice of music in any way. Diablo 4 is a dark and unforgiving game, they don’t understand how the developers could have believed that this choice of music could be fitting for such a hyped trailer. The fans on YouTube mean the following:

  • “If you closed your eyes, you would have thought that this was the music for a generic battle royale and not for a gritty adventure like Diablo.” – Random Gamer Babe
  • “All the great music that Blizzard creates and they chose that for the trailer? Yikes” – Tumorous F
  • “Who chose the music for this? Please go to their desk, point to them and say: “NO… NO… BAD, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SELECT ANY MORE TRAILERS!”. – Justin Griffins
  • “The PR department has to be fired for 2,300 dislikes in an hour, but the game looks good.” – Dariusz Kłos
  • Despite the music, the majority of fans are looking forward to Diablo 4. They can hardly wait until the new Hack&Slay finally celebrates its release.

    When does the release start? The official release of Diablo 4 will take place on June 6th, 2023. However, if you have purchased the more expensive Deluxe or Ultimate Editions, you can even start four days earlier in Santkuario and experience the story about the demon mom Lilith.

    You can find all important information about the release, the editions as well as classes and bonuses in our overview: Diablo 4: Release, beta, classes, gameplay and pre-order in the overview