Developer reveals Starfield will feature gun that fires 25 barrels at once

A developer from Starfield spoke in an interview about a weapon that comes with a special design.

On September 6, 2023, Bethesda’s latest role-playing game, the sci-fi epic Starfield, will be released for Xbox Series X|S and PC. Now Dane Olds, Starfield’s “Lead Weapon Artist”, spoke in a developer interview about his favorite weapons in the long-awaited role-playing game. A special rifle stands out in particular.

What is this weapon? One weapon that Olds singles out in the interview is the Mag Pulse. According to Olds, this is a magnetically driven weapon that has a grid of 25 barrels in total.

In addition, each barrel has its own aiming laser that shows where the bullet hits the barrel (via

In an acclaimed Starfield gameplay presentation, we saw some of these multi-barreled magnetic weapons in action. In the video, they were characterized above all by the immense number of balls that rained down on the NPC opponents in a very short time.

On top of that, the weapons shown in the deep dive had huge magazines from 50 to 160 rounds and could also be equipped by enemy NPS.

rocket launcher and revolver

Is Olds talking about other guns? Yes, Olds says he also had a lot of fun with the rocket launcher “The Bridger” as well as a revolver called “The Razorback”. This possess a drum with six “White Hot cartridges”. Olds used the Razorback when he wanted them to feel like a space cowboy.

Olds also names a gun called the “AA99” that feels “beefy and cool.” However, Olds did not say exactly what the AA99 was. However, he can’t wait to show fans all of the RPG’s weapons.

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For Bethesda, the makers of Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, Starfield is the first new franchise in 25 years – the expectations of developers and fans are correspondingly high. One journalist has already played Starfield and thinks people will play it for years.

Without a doubt, the space RPG is one of the most anticipated games of 2023. One desperate PS5 player even created a petition to bring Starfield to Sony’s console, contrary to the release plan.

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