Debate on the National Audit Office’s police report | SVT News

09.00 Riksdag debate before decision LIVE

The Riksdag debates the committee’s proposals before the afternoon’s vote.

12.00 Report12.03 Who should be locked up?

When is it justified to detain another person? Panel discussion with Anela Murguz, Borås Tidning, John Stauffer, Civil Rights Defenders, Nalin Baksi, nurse and former Member of Parliament (S), and Stina Oscarson, playwright and cultural writer. Organizer: Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Timbro and Arena Idé. From 15/11.

13.45 Euro or krone?

The business community takes an increasingly dim view of the Riksbank’s prospects for strengthening the krona and believes that Sweden should switch to the euro. What does the political will look like? EU parliamentarians Karin Karlsbro (L) and Johan Nissinen (SD) discuss on site in the EU Parliament under the leadership of Marcus Carlehed. From 7/11.

14.00 Forum: Politics and society14.30 School attacks and radicalisation

The school is supposed to be a safe place for learning, but in recent years we have seen several examples in Sweden where students carried out planned attacks on teachers or schoolmates. Why do they happen, why is the problem growing and how do different actors deal with it? Organiser: People and Defence. From 31/10.

16.00 Report 16.05 Happened today

Here you can see a longer tableau

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