Date given: “Ford Fiesta production adventure comes to an end”

Date given Ford Fiesta production adventure comes to an end

Approaching 50 years in the history of the brand Ford Fiesta, I’m so sorry to be one of the victims of the electrification transformation. approached.

According to the last statement Ford Fiesta model July 7, 2023 gets off the production line. After 47 years and eight generations “Fiesta” The era ends as part of plans for an electric future. The compact car is specifically Ford’s new electric Explorer SUV He is retiring to make room for the production of his model in Germany. Ford, which wants to become an all-electric brand in Europe by 2030, aims to add nine different electric vehicles to its product range by 2024. As reminded once again today, Ford is focusing on using Volkswagen’s MEB platform to launch more new electric vehicles under its brand. Collaborating with the giant manufacturer in 2020 to accelerate EV production in the region, Ford launched the aforementioned all-electric Explorer SUV for the European market in March. 45 thousand euros was released at a price.


The previous official statement for the end of Ford Fiesta production was as follows:As Ford of Europe, we are accelerating our efforts to become fully electric in the passenger car product range by 2030. By 2035, when we include the commercials, all our models will be electric only. As part of the transition and preparation for the future of electrification, we will finish the production of our S-Max and Galaxy models produced in Valencia in 2023. In the same period, the production of the Fiesta produced in Cologne will also come to an end. As of 2024, we will introduce three new electric models in the European market. On the commercial side, it will be supported by these four models. By 2026, we plan to sell more than 600,000 electric vehicles in the market. In the next six-year period, 1.2 million passenger-based production at our Cologne facilities is among our targets.