Dacia Sandero and Tesla Model Y in the battle for leadership in Europe -LOG

Dacia Sandero and Tesla Model Y in the battle for

One of the vehicles officially sold in Turkey Dacia Sandero And Tesla Model YStruggle for sales leadership in Europe does.

Vehicles that are far apart from each other Dacia Sandero And Tesla Model Y, In Europe, respectively, after 10 months of 2023 184 thousand And 183 thousand reached sales figures. According to data including the UK, in Europe after the first 10 months of 2023 164 thousand units Volkswagen T-Roc, 163 thousand units Peugeot 208 and 153 thousand units Renault Clio was sold. It was announced that 21 thousand units were sold in October alone. sandero It stands out with its affordable price, and Model Y, which sold more than 9 thousand units in Europe in October, is the best-selling Tesla model not only in Europe but in all markets entered, as a vehicle produced in Germany. Sales leader of the electric side in many markets Tesla Model Y As you know, it is also officially sold in Turkey. Before this, BYD company had made a significant impact on sales. Including Toyota and Lexus ALJ Türkiye entered the Turkish market with the distributorship of BYDTesla’s 435 thousand in the last quarter in which it sold vehicles 431 thousand units It managed to sell completely electric vehicles.


In this regard, compared to the same period last year The company saw a full 67 percent increasecontinues to grow with incredible momentum. It was the first company to attend the Japan auto show last month. BYD (Build Your Dreams), leaving Tesla behind in recent months for the first half of 2023 It became the company that sold the most electric cars.

The company sold approximately 1.2 million electric vehicles in the first half, It is calculated that Tesla, which is in second place, is around 888 thousand.. BMW, which has been in the electric car market for a long time, has approximately 220 thousand vehicles Chinese GAC Aion ranks third in the leadership list with approximately 212 thousand vehicles ranks fourth with another German giant, Volkswagen. 209 thousand vehicles It ranks fifth with.