Cross-country skiing: Disease ravages the cross-country national team in the USA: Moa Ilar and Edvin Anger miss competition

Anger coughed quite badly in connection with the sprint yesterday where he finished ninth. He is replaced by Oskar Svensson.

Even Moa Ilar is forced to throw in the towel. The 26-year-old woke up on Saturday with cold symptoms and is replaced by Maja Dahlqvist.

“It will not always be as expected. Unfortunately, I have to throw in the towel for a competition I’ve been looking forward to a lot and it feels so heavy,” writes Ilar on Instagram.

The men run 10 km freestyle with intervals starting at 5:30 p.m. The ladies run the same branch at 19.45. It will be the last World Cup competition in North America before returning to Europe.