concern about the delay taken by Oran

concern about the delay taken by Oran

With a little less than seven months before the opening of the 2022 Mediterranean Games, questions are being asked about the delay accumulated for the good performance of the event. Davide Tizzano, president of the new International Committee of the Mediterranean Games (ICMG), asked for “ immediate solutions To the host city, Oran. The opening is scheduled for June 25.

The president of the coordination commission, Bernard Amsalem, told the Executive Committee of “ his worries “. ” In his regular report, the President of the Coordination Committee for the Mediterranean Games “Oran 2022” and 2nd Vice-President of the ICMG, Mr. Bernard Amsalem, analyzed the current situation and expressed his concern and concern about delays in infrastructure construction, completion of tenders, implementation of technology and transport programs.. During the meeting, the planned communication with the Director General of the Organizing Committee Salim Ilès was not possible, so it was not possible to answer the questions that the ICMG wished to put to the Organizing Committee. ‘organization », Can we read on the CIJM website.

“We must preserve the prestige of the Mediterranean Games”

The Coordination Commission of the CIJM Oran 2022 is to meet online Tuesday, November 30 to discuss the situation. Davide Tizzano plans to conduct an inspection visit to Oran on December 10. In a press release, he announced: ” We respect the Algerian people and their efforts, we respect the government of the country for the great expenses that have been made for the construction of the projects, but we must preserve the prestige of the Mediterranean Games. We all want the Games to take place in Oran, we will help by all means to organize them, but we cannot endanger the biggest sporting event in the Mediterranean.

The Oran Games will coincide with the celebrations of the 60th anniversary of Algerian independence. A total of 26 nations are expected in the port city in northwestern Algeria with athletes representing more than 25 sports disciplines. The Mediterranean Games, celebrated every four years, constitute for the countries of the Mediterranean Basin the most important multidisciplinary sporting event after the Olympic Games. The first Mediterranean Games were organized in Alexandria, Egypt, in 1951. Algeria hosted the event in 1975. Italy remains the most successful nation ahead of France and Spain.