“Color color approval badges are coming”

Color color approval badges are coming

Elon Musk Unfortunately, he continues to take strange steps and make interesting changes in Twitter, which he bought.

Elon Musk made an announcement on Twitter today, announcing that the endorsement badge sale will be tied up again next week. The new Twitter Blue-based approval badge sale, which was said to start on November 29 last week but was later delayed, is ready to debut again, according to Musk’s fresh statement. Specific to Twitter due to the problems experienced Elon Musk, who lost a significant amount of advertising revenue, to prevent them and protect real companies that they can prepare approval badges in different colors. he had said.

In order to avoid the problems it creates for itself,formalMusk, who had to use the ” badge, will start again today in the new period. confirmed that there will be badges in different colors. For companies, according to Musk gold colored badge for government agencies gray badge, for individuals, whether famous or not blue color badge will be brought. According to Musk’s statement, all verified accounts must be accounted for before the new badge infrastructure is activated. will be verified manually. This “painful but necessaryStating that ”, Musk gave users the approval badge. from $8 per month will sell.


Elon Musk before fake / fake” without serious protection against accounts updated Twitter Blue He stated that they would not start selling his subscription again. As we said before, Musk had a chance to prevent all the problems experienced now, but despite thousands of warnings, he deliberately chose chaos. Now is he has to work to solve the problem he created and he is not expected to solve them. Because banned accounts are coming back to Twitter very soon.