CoD MW2 Fan Sells Free Skins on Ebay – Earned over $4,000 for his child’s birth

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A man from New Zealand has earned over $4,000 with a skin for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and now wants to use money to support his family financially.

What skins are you talking about? CoD MW2 celebrated its release at the end of October. Appropriately, Activision, the publisher of the popular shooter series, thought about an advertising campaign. For example, CoD fans could receive a promo code for an in-game skin for an order from Burger King with fries and burgers.

The in-game skin that players could get through the code consists of a Burger Town t-shirt combined with a combat helmet, a tactical backpack, brown pants and a gun holster. “Burger Town” is a fictional fast food chain in CoD.

Why was the skin sold? Only those who bought from Burger King in certain countries could get a skin for CoD MW2. The skin was not available in some countries and regions such as Germany, the USA and the UK, after which it was sold in large numbers on Ebay.

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Car mechanic becomes skin salesman

Who is the seller? There were a variety of people selling the Burger Town skin online. One such person is Jay, a New Zealand auto mechanic who was interviewed by British online magazine VG247.

As Jay revealed to VG247 magazine, he started selling the codes after being advised to do so by an American friend. He then started ordering about five meals, plugged in the codes, and gave the food away to his employees.

He was then able to buy the codes directly from Burger King for the price of a full meal, which VG247 said meant he didn’t waste food or have to carry all the orders.

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New Zealander earns over $4,000 from Burger Town skins

How much did Jay make from the codes? Over time, Jay sold around 225 codes. According to VG247, of the 70 remaining, he intends to sell fifty in bulk and keep the rest for friends and family.

In total, Jay took in about $4,250. If we assume New Zealand dollars, that’s the equivalent of almost 2,527 euros that he earned from selling the skins. So he paid about €11.23 for a skin – comparatively cheap when you consider that we Germans would have to travel to Austria or Switzerland for it.

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What does Jay do with the earnings? As revealed in the interview with VG247, Jay is expecting a baby with his significant other in January.

So he wants to put aside most of the $4,250 to cover for any financial problems that may arise in the future. He also states that he spends about 5% of the money on his fiancée.

What do you think of the story of Jay, the car mechanic who earned over €2,500 with free skins in CoD to support his family financially? Would you do the same or spend the money elsewhere?

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