Chechen leaders’ luxury cars and helicopters are seen at a Moscow hospital – Kadyrov is allegedly already dead

Chechen commander Kadyrov one of Putins most loyal supporters has

There is a huge rumor mill about Kadyrov’s condition. The Chechen opposition leader says he is already dead.

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov There are a lot of rumors about his health on social media, almost nothing of which can be confirmed. However, it seems that he is seriously ill.

Kadyrov is currently apparently in the Central Clinical Hospital outside Moscow. It is held as the best hospital in the countrywhich is used by both the presidential administration and the country’s elite.

Message service X has plenty of pictures from outside the hospital, where for a couple of days there have been plenty of luxury cars with Chechen plates. Cars are told to be from From Ahmat-Yurt, the home village of the leaders of the Kadyrov clan.

Helicopters have also landed in the hospital area, eyewitnesses say.

Ukrainian news site Obozrevatel says, relying on the information of his own Chechen sources, that Kadyrov has received treatment for kidney problems. According to the site, he has had a kidney transplant, but it would have failed due to a rejection reaction. The use of another graft is being considered.

Kadyrov has reportedly been in a coma for several days. According to Obozrevatel’s unconfirmed information, he is occasionally conscious.

The Chechen opposition leader has gone the farthest in speculation Abubakar Jangulbayevevery Sunday on his Telegram account said Kadyrov was dead. Jangulbayev had no evidence for his claim.

A special video was published on Kadyrov’s Telegram account over the weekend, in which Kadyrov walks along the roads in rainy weather. The purpose of the video was to dispel rumors about his illness, but it was not possible to tell from the video when it was filmed.

The possible death of Ramzan Kadyrov could cause turmoil in Chechnya. Kadyrov has led his republic belonging to Russia autocratically and has been strongly supported by the president Vladimir Putin. Troops have been sent from Chechnya to fight against Ukraine.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Chechnya has seen two devastating wars in which Russian forces have crushed the pro-independence Chechens.