Carla Bruni, with or without a filter, her transformed face shocks Internet users (and you?)

Carla Bruni with or without a filter her transformed face

While she wanted to denounce the ravages of filters on social networks, Carla Bruni was attacked on her supposed Botox injections and recourse to cosmetic surgery. Discover his before-after photo, with and without filter.

If she was retouched for a long time on the covers of magazines when she was a model, Carla Bruni is now a follower of naturalness, not hesitating to showing off makeup on instagram. Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife struck again, posting a photo of her face before and after using an instagram filter to alert younger generations to the dangers they may have on self-perception.

Carla Bruni appears with a mind-blowing filter that changes her face

If they are legion on social networks, filters do not represent reality. This is the observation denounced by Carla Bruni yesterday, March 19, 2023, on her Instagram account. The star 55 years old posted a selfie there with and without a filter that is supposed to beautify the face. Thus, in the photo with the filter, we see the Italian with smooth skin, exaggerated cheekbones, puffy lips, stretched eyes and silky hair. Carla Bruni appears transformed in this photo which contrasts with the one she posted in comparison, where we see her natural, without makeup or artifice. “Here is the effect that this kind of filter offers us… it is no longer a question of smoothing your skin a little to improve but rather of pretend to belong to the Kardashian family… One wonders what is the era that claims that seduction comes down to such a face. To forbid our children!”she wrote in the caption on Instagram.

Carla Bruni, criticized for her possible Botox injections

If this publication was welcomed by fans of Carla Bruni, some Internet users did not appreciate it at all, judging Carla Bruni illegitimate to speak on the subject. In question ? Its supposed Botox injections and cosmetic surgery procedures.She said, having used botox to the marrow”, “It’s the hospital that gives a damn about charity”, “Finally after 20 years of injections I think you’re part of the Kardashian family! !” are some of the criticisms aimed at the mother of two. However, Carla Bruni was clear on the subject: she did not resort to Botox injections and does not think of giving in to them: “No injections, no risks”she confided to Vanity Fair in April 2022.