BYD Yangweng U8 SUV Finally Spotted

BYD Yangweng U8 SUV Finally Spotted

BYD Yangwengannounced the U8 SUV car in January. However, we haven’t seen the full design yet. The massive SUV is a success where the vehicle is successful thanks to new safety systems. in the tire burst test shown. Now someone has seen Yangweng U8 in real life without any camouflage, and we’ve been told so far. our best view gave.

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The chassis looks in line with the latest design trends in China as it adopts a boxy overall shape, fenders and taillights. The taillights come with smoked light visors. The door handles are of the collapsible type.

LiDAR and camera systemcan be seen mounted above the windshield, along with the side view cameras. China still hasn’t passed a law allowing side-view cameras, but it will do so later this year. in July expected to do.