“Burns a Koran a week outside the embassy”

Burns a Koran a week outside the embassy

Published: Just now

With the Koran burning in Stockholm, Rasus Paludan angered Turkey – which interrupted the NATO negotiations with Sweden.

Now Paludan makes a promise to President Erdogan:

– I will burn a Koran in front of the Turkish embassy in Copenhagen every Friday until Sweden is admitted to NATO.

Sweden’s joint NATO application hangs in the air.

From the Turkish side, the fury has been directed primarily at Sweden since several actions angered the Turks, and meetings between Sweden and Finland are considered “meaningless”, according to the country’s foreign minister.

The last straw was when the Danish provocateur Rasmus Paludan, who also has Swedish citizenship, set fire to a Koran outside the Turkish embassy.

“Going to teach him about freedom of expression”

In an interview with Aftonbladet, he now announces that the provocations will not stop.

During Friday, he intends to burn three Korans in Copenhagen. One at a mosque, one at the Russian embassy and then one at the Turkish one. In Denmark, Paludan does not need a permit, but must notify the authorities 24 hours before carrying out an action.

And the burning of Korans at the Turkish embassy in Copenhagen will not be the last, promises Paludan.

– I will announce that this is Erdogan’s fault. Now that he doesn’t want to let Sweden into NATO, I have to teach him about freedom of speech until he does.

full screenRasmus Paludan. Photo: Andreas Bardell

Ends upon NATO entry

At 2 pm every Friday, Rasmus Paludan intends to carry out the Koran burning.

– As I see it, Erdogan is a liar, and it is his fault that it is necessary to burn a Koran to teach him how freedom of speech works. When he says it’s someone else’s fault, he doesn’t know how causality works.

Rasmus Paludan said on Wednesday that he was in favor and hoped that Sweden will be admitted to NATO, something he stands by.

Now he claims that it is President Erdogan himself who can decide how long the Koran campaign will last.

– It is also a promise that when he lets Sweden into NATO, I will never in my entire life burn a Koran in front of a Turkish embassy again, says Rasmus Paludan.

full screen Paludan sends a promise to Turkish President Erdogan. Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofyev / AP
full screen Worried outside Sweden’s consulate in Istanbul. Photo: Emrah Gurel / AP