Benzinmacken arranges a hot date night for the country’s singles: “Jokes from the beginning”

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Now it’s not far until Valentine’s Day and many couples are getting ready to celebrate love. If, on the other hand, you are not in a love relationship and are longing to find the right one, here is an odd but warm proposal.

After a long wait, a Preem gas station in Skutskär outside Gävle will invite you to a so-called singles night on February 9.

– We have our regulars who sit with us in the evenings and many of them are single, and then we thought that it is a great opportunity for them to meet someone, Jennie Edenby, the owner of the petrol station, tells TV4.

Romantic activities at the gas station

Macken welcomes single guys to come in and hang out and single girls to come in and see if they might find the man of their life. On site, there will be, among other things, love cakes and questions for speed dating.

As a romantic activity, you can also take the opportunity to get to know each other when you wash your or your new found flame’s car. Or why not get closer to each other and hold hands around the hose and refuel the car together?

– It was like a joke from the beginning. But we’ll have to open up the laundry hall in case it gets too crowded, says Jennie Edenby the channel.