Barbara lost her husband when the horses ran amok at Djurgården – wants to see tougher legislation

It was on June 17, 2023 that five horses ran wild in panic on the streets of central Stockholm.

Barbara Norman walked around Djurgården with her husband Naum and sister-in-law. They passed the horses only a short time before the accident happened.

Horses ran rampant at Djurgården

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  • – I thought it was a little strange that they were there. Then just a moment later I was knocked over, says Barbara Norman.

    Several people were injured, including Naum so seriously that he later died as a result of the injuries.

    – I miss him. We have lived together since we were teenagers.

    The main hearing begins

    On Tuesday, the trial begins where the horse entrepreneur from Piteå, who is accused of grossly causing the death of another, will stand trial. Barbara Norman hopes the court sees how negligent the man was.

    – From what I understand, he doesn’t think he did anything wrong, so I hope the court sees it our way. To me it sounds very irresponsible.

    In the clip, you can hear what Barbara Norman wants to see for change.

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    “Waited for the anger” – hear daughters Ellen Reinbrand and Hannah Norman. Photo: Adam Berlin/SVT