Banksy work intact after theft in Ukraine

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British street artist Banksy recently confirmed that he was behind the seven paintings that appeared in various locations in Ukraine in November.

One of the paintings, depicting a woman in a gas mask, was recently stolen from the wall of a house in Hostomel, Kyiv region.

The thieves had sawed out the part of the house wall on which the work was painted and taken it with them, reports BBC.

However, the police managed to arrest the perpetrators and recover the painting.

The governor of the Kyiv region, Oleksiy Kuleba, writes on the Telegram messaging service that Ukraine is doing everything in its power to protect Banksy’s paintings.

“These images are, after all, symbols of our fight against the enemy. They are stories of the support and solidarity with Ukraine from the entire civilized world,” he writes and continues:

“We will do everything to preserve these street art pieces as a symbol of our victory”.