“Automobile manufacturers are very bad about personal data privacy”

Automobile manufacturers are very bad about personal data privacy

Mozilla Foundation According to a study conducted by car manufacturers personal data privacy they are very bad at it.

If you are accessing the internet in any way, Your personal data is definitely collected and sold to someone else.. Due to data leaks today, even the data of people over a certain age who do not use the internet are floating around on the internet. Computers and smartphones are often the focus on personal data privacy and security, but nonprofit Mozilla Foundation A new study by , which has now become a computer of cars And car manufacturers This shows that he is not innocent in this matter. Large manufacturers (25 different brands) center area details Here Mozilla Foundation, which published a study that found All car manufacturers collect too much personal data when they don’t need it (The places you go, the people you talk to, your vehicle commands, the applications you use, other third-party services and information within the application, etc. via internet-connected vehicles. like) And He states that most of them sell this data. As a result of the research, it is very clear that the majority of automobile brands are owned by service providers, data collectors and other businesses. states that it sells personal data. At the same time, more than half of the manufacturers examined without any court order It is also revealed that he shared personal information with law enforcement agencies. Mozilla Foundation states that most brands give drivers little or no control over their personal data., does not present a good picture in this regard. What Mozilla has so far examined on the data privacy of cars states that it is the worst product category And this is a conclusion that must be considered.