Attention those who want to lose weight! These positions accelerate calorie burn.

Attention those who want to lose weight These positions accelerate

Have you ever thought about how many calories your favorite sex positions burn? The average adult has sex about 54 times a year, according to a new study. Considering the average number of sexual intercourse, duration of sexual intercourse and positions entered, a brand determined which position burned how many calories during sexual intercourse.

Couples who have sex in the Butter Churner position can burn 211 calories in half an hour. This is equivalent to 7 kcal per minute. Other positions that burn the most calories include standing, which burns 6.6 calories per minute. But this position has one of the lowest orgasm rates for women. The position that burns the least calories is Cowgirl, which will allow you to lose about 1.3 calories per minute.


Obesity has caused many health problems in recent years. Obesity also threatens sexual life. In men, obesity can reduce testosterone and libido, which can cause erectile dysfunction.