Artificial intelligence is also changing the dubbed movie experience

Artificial intelligence is also changing the dubbed movie

Artificial intelligenceDeveloped by Flawless AI TrueSync It looks like it will seriously change the dubbed movie experience with its technology.

Artificial intelligence technologies visual arts continues to change. We now have a large number of systems at our disposal that we can always use. For example systems like DALL-E or Midjorney, It can turn what you write into realistic visuals in seconds. One of the names that has been working on this issue and making a sound lately is the London-based company. Flawless AI. In particular, the video-focused company TrueSync technology draws attention, because this system, as you can see in the videos just below It can realistically change people’s mouth movements. In this way, movies can be realistically dubbed in the desired language, sound and image can be made compatible with any desired language. This infrastructure allows the actors in the movie to speak in the language that is actually heard, and this creates a more visually beautiful and realistic image. TrueSync system It can also be used to remove some curses in movies.. There is a special software infrastructure developed by the company for the system, which can be applied to old or new content without any problems.

∗The company, which came to the fore with the video above published two weeks ago, may sell its technology to more filmmakers in the coming period.


You know in general deepfake system is already affecting the movies to a great extent. All the details and some of the best here we place deepfakeworks on artificial intelligence and machine learning for those who do not know yet and basically very realistic video montages it allows. made on Photoshop “photomontage” The technique that brings the process to videos in a very realistic way, besides the image, You can also make changes to the sound.. With this system, you can transform your voice into someone else’s voice in a very realistic way.