Annoyed in Linköping – double match penalty in Saab Arena

Linköping’s meeting with Skellefteå became an irritated story.
Among other things, two match penalties were awarded – at the same time as a major fight broke out on the ice.
– Now all the players on the ice are involved in that, said TV4 Play commentator Andreas Åberg.

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The meeting between Linköping and Skellefteå offered more struggle than fair play. After a series of suspension minutes, LHC’s Jesper Pettersson was awarded a match penalty for boarding at the end of the second period – a situation that stirred up heated feelings in the Saab Arena.

In the middle of the third period, the irritation continued to be great and after a late hit from Petter Granberg at the rim, Arvid Costmar was lying on the ice.

The late pusher stirred up emotions even more and in the end more or less every player on the ice was involved in the ensuing brawl.

– Fantenberg throws himself into it all. Now all the players on the ice are involved in that, stated TV4 Play commentator Andreas Åberg.

The sequence resulted in Granberg also receiving a match penalty for boarding, while Linköping’s Oscar Fantenberg was awarded a two-minute suspension for roughing.

The match itself was won by Skellefteå after extra time. This after Jonathan Pudas decided with his 3–2 goal and thus secured an important extra point.

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