Ancient Exo now gives you 35% more shotgun damage in Destiny 2

Attention Destiny 2 players! An exciting change is about to take the fun of shooting shotguns to a whole new level. The underused No Plan B Exo has received a major update that boosts your shotgun damage by a whopping 35%.

Which Exo is the new favorite shotgun? As soon as the new Season 21 was online, the guardians began to try Bungie’s changes. There were some hot contenders here that had the potential to really mess up the meta.

Up front: The Le Monarque Exo sheet with the Pledge of Allegiance Hunter Exo and also the No Plan B Titan Exo.

It is now clear: “No Plan B” buffs by a whopping 35% due to the changes to Bungie Shotguns. It’s no wonder, then, that this news spread like wildfire after an observant Guardian spotted and shared the remarkable change on Reddit. And the Destiny community on MeinMMO already had the right nose for this.

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How does the Exo work in Season 21? Previously, before his rework, the titan exo “No Plan B” was hardly relevant. Shotgun finishers only granted Wardens a void overshield and drained their melee energy.

Bungie has revised the Exo for Season 21 as follows:

  • No Plan B can increase the damage of any shotgun once you have a Void overshield (from any source). Finishing blows with shotguns restore the overshield.
  • Additionally, playing as a Void subclass and defeating multiple enemies or one powerful enemy can trigger health regeneration, which is very reminiscent of the Void Fragment Echo of Regeneration.
  • There is also increased reload speed for the shotgun and moderate improvement in effectiveness in the air.
  • Thanks to its revision, “No Plan B” makes shotguns in Destiny 2 an even more dangerous weapon than they already are. Whether you want to surprise your rivals in PvP battles or defeat powerful bosses in PvE activities.

    The Exotic “No Plan B” after the adjustment to Season 21

    Even stacks with billows: This modification will undoubtedly give you a significant advantage. Especially since she also stacks with the billows in Destiny 2. Something that makes many players suspect that Bungie will have to fix this very soon in order to tame the shotguns again.

  • In PvP we’re talking about an average damage increase of 10%, which allows for much more consistency.
  • In PvE, the Guardians receive the damage buff of 35%.
  • The player anonymous32434 gets to the point in Reddit when he comments: “Two quick kills with a shotgun and the matching siphon mod give you an overshield, a buff of +35% to shotgun damage, an armor charge from the realm of power and Devour with Echo of Debilitation? Damn hype!”

    What shotguns pair well with the Exo? Currently, the Legend of Acrius Exo-Shotgun is a hot favorite among players. However, you can also try your good old “Lord of the Wolves”, the “Fourth Horseman” or even the new exo-shotgun from the Lightfall raid “Root of Nightmares” called “Conditional Finality”.

    If you were still thinking about the tractor cannon: No, the change has no effect here.

    Have you already grabbed a shotgun and made a build with no plan B? Then feel free to share your experiences in the comments. Or do you still exist on the other side of the shotgun barrel and find it unfair that Bungie has made the shotguns so powerful?

    In addition to the Exo, the new Season 21 in Destiny 2 has also created a whole new feeling:

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