Ali Haydar Bozkurt; “Turkey is an opportunity for Chinese brands”

Ali Haydar Bozkurt Turkey is an opportunity for Chinese brands

Toyota Turkey CEO Ali Haydar Bozkurt answered our questions on Chinese car brands and European moves.

With the increasing effect of electrification in the automotive industry, we witness that especially Chinese manufacturers are more ambitious and daring to enter the European market. The fact that Far Eastern brands, which have created a very serious product range in a short time, are fast on the production side, also makes it difficult for European manufacturers. As a matter of fact, the CEO of Stellantis Group, Carlos Tavares, has made important statements on this issue, focusing on taxation. Toyota Turkey CEO Ali Haydar Bozkurt also shared his remarkable views on the question we asked him about the preparations of Chinese manufacturers with a focus on Europe and Turkey. Emphasizing that Turkey can be a springboard for Chinese manufacturers in particular, Bozkurt said that an investment in the upcoming period would not surprise him.

Toyota Turkey Ali Haydar Bozkurt


Ali Haydar Bozkurt; “A Turkey-based investment move from a Chinese brand would not be surprising”

Bozkurt, with whom we came together as part of a special event, said in his statements on the subject; “Personally, I think that the competition will get stronger with such entrances to the market. Especially since there are new models in the electric focus, this will also increase the use and awareness of new types of vehicles. Turkey, on the other hand, has the potential to be a springboard.


I see Turkey as a great advantage when it comes to the opening of Chinese brands to Europe, which is the center of your question. If I were a Chinese brand, I would prefer to make an investment in Turkey, carry out the production here and make sales to Europe with the convenience of customs. Maybe we can hear this scenario I mentioned in the coming period because all the items are rational. I think this is a great opportunity. In Turkey, there are prominent parts such as logistics, infrastructure, sub-industry, quality and more advantageous workmanship compared to Europe. When I put all the pieces together, I can say that I dream of something like this as both an automotive professional and a Turkish citizen.” made statements.


Stellantis CEO Tavares emphasizes equal footing

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares has also recently made remarkable statements about Chinese car brands. Reminding the extra taxation of European manufacturers in China, Tavares; “Actually, it’s simple. We must demand that the European Union apply the same conditions that European manufacturers face in China. The European market is completely open to Chinese brands. We don’t know exactly what their plans are. In order to hold on to the market, there is also the possibility of initially selling at a loss, grabbing a share from the mainstream Europeans and then pushing their prices up. Chinese car brands can only be welcomed in Europe if they compete under the same rules as us.” he stated.


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