Afida Turner: what is her relationship with Tina Turner?

Afida Turner what is her relationship with Tina Turner

On her Instagram account, Afida Turner paid tribute to Tina Turner, her “mother-in-law”, after her death at 83.

“Rest in peace mother-in-law”. After the announcement of the death of Tina Turner at the age of 83, many tributes have been paid on social networks to the American legend. Among them, that of Afida Turner, her ex-daughter-in-law. “I was talking about you just five minutes ago, when I arrived in Nice. She loved the south of France so much. Rest in peace mother-in-law”, writes the former reality TV candidate on her Instagram account , in the caption of a photo of her alongside Tina Turner.

Afida Turner was married to Ronnie Turner, second son of the American singer and also an artist. Afida and Ronnie Turner married in 2007. It is from this union that the French will take her name. The couple separated in 2017 and Ronnie Turner died in December 2022 from cancer. Singer Tina Turner had already lost a son, Craig, who committed suicide in 2018.

A few months before the death of Ronnie Turner, Afida Turner had paid another tribute to a man who shared his life: the rapper Cooliodied September 28, 2022. “I would like to pay tribute to my husband Ronnie Turner who passed away. And to Coolio. ‘un, tell him. Don’t wait until it’s too late”, she had launched on stage, then reported the site Purepeople.