Adidas RPT-02 SOL wireless headphones with solar panels introduced

Overseas prices for MG4 Electric appeared

Wireless headphone models, especially over-the-head models, include solar panels. Adidas RPT-02 SOL wireless earphones added.

Adidas, one of the most important sports brands in the world, Adidas RPT-02 SOL wireless earphones model Zound Industries It came to the fore with the news that it started to develop in partnership with It was reported that the two companies had been working together for three years, and the result aroused curiosity. That curiosity is over as of today. Officially displayed RPT-02 LEFTas explained August 23 on the internet $229 on sale with a price tag will be presented. As you can see, the wireless earbuds designed in the form of a head are on the top. Exeger produced by powerfoyle a named It uses solar cell material.

Thanks to this material, the product, which can be charged under the sun, can not only be charged, but also collect energy with the ambient lights indoors. IPX4 According to the company’s statement, the headset has a certificate and is suitable for sports. brings a total of 80 hours of usage time. It is stated that it can bring almost unlimited use if it is constantly exposed to light indoors and outdoors. Adidas RPT-02 SOL wireless earphones, It carries a body made from recycled plastic and nylon materials.


Before this Urbanista signed wireless headset model “Los Angeles ANC“, with the fact that it contains solar panels, the sound had brought. According to the company, standing in the sun for an hour gives the earphones three hours of listening time. This figure drops to one hour of sun and two hours of listening time on cloudy days.

in head form Los Angeles ANCUnder normal conditions, it is charged via USB-C and brings a full 50 hours of life. In other words, the model stays on duty for a long time without the sun. urbanista, details on this model here introduced the sun-assisted in-ear headphones. The connection of this model with the sun was its reservoir.