94 years old and full on the barricades: Joan vs the municipality over a waste bin

94 years old and full on the barricades Joan vs

The officials and the alderman are visibly impressed by the combativeness of the old lady. He reluctantly wants to accept that there will be an underground container in the street, but then still not in the flowerbed, with the sparse greenery in the street. Son Jaap points out an alternative location, a few tens of meters away. But that place is immediately blocked by the officials, it would not be possible because of cables and pipes. Jaap refutes that, he has done research in the Klic system with underground pipes. And he looked when the street was open: “There are no cables and pipes there at all.” When Joan dies in more than six years, well after her hundredth birthday, her successor will already be on the starting blocks, son Jaap is at least as combative as his mother.