65-Year-Old Sharon Stone Makes the Buzz in a Swimsuit: Check Out Her Incredible Figure!

65 Year Old Sharon Stone Makes the Buzz in a Swimsuit Check

This Saturday, April 8, Sharon Stone reveals her breathtaking figure in an Instagram post that ignited the web. Check out the picture.

At 65, Sharon Stone is fearless! She proved it once again by revealing her body to her 3.8 million Instagram followers. One thing is certain, the actress Basic Instinct has nothing to envy to the youngest.

Sharon Stone, resplendent in a swimsuit

In the photo, we discover the 65-year-old star in a low-cut red swimsuit, in front of her open fridge. In caption, she writes “Healthy Ish – Happy Summer”. And that is precisely what natural that we love about Sharon Stone. While she could pose like the other stars by the pool, she prefers to capture moments of life. We were able to discover her dream silhouette, her slender legs, her ultra-flat stomach and her superb Sun tanning. Result: the photo was a hit since it was liked by more than 100,000 people and highly commented on. In particular, we can read “Beautiful at any age“, “A bomb“, “Endless Beauty” or “Still beautiful“.

The secrets of his physical form

Despite the passing years, Sharon Stone is still in top form. His secret? Four or five workouts per week. She is a big fan of yoga, Pilates, dance but also bodybuilding. “With each exercise session, I work a different area of ​​the body”she explained to the magazine shape, in 2014. On the diet side, Sharon Stone is not the type to deprive herself: she is also very fond of crisps. But she still wants to keep a balanced diet. The American actress thus favors low glycemic index meal and avoid gluten. A true source of beauty inspiration!