Apple continues to negotiate with OpenAI for iOS 18

iOS 18 interface may be in visionOS style

According to Mark Gurman, a reliable source for Apple, the technology giant is working on iOS 18. OpenAI He continues to meet with.

What’s behind Apple’s ChatGPT? OpenAI It is reported that he had a meeting with him at the end of last year, but no result was obtained. Now to strengthen iOS 18 in terms of artificial intelligence OpenAI Apple, which is stated to be at the table again, reportedly also The internet giant continues to negotiate with Google regarding “Gemini”. It is not yet known which company Apple will continue with, it is stated that the company may work under both names or may decide to work with a completely different company in the field. By the way, iOS 18 reportedly comes with a “LLM” that will work built into the devices. it could be. According to the latest information obtained, we are presented with iOS 18, which is designed with an artificial intelligence focus, An LLM, or large language model, that will work directly on devices, that is, will not require a constant internet connection, can be created. Technology giant Apple, which has been revealed to have succeeded in running LLM on iPhones in recent months, can establish a very fast infrastructure with built-in solutions, avoid large server costs, and thus not charge people for artificial intelligence features. Of course, for some very high-power advanced features, you can use the cloud (From huge remote serversApple, which is likely to get help, is taking huge steps.


Before these, it will be officially launched in June. With iOS 18 operating system The news that a “Safari Assistant” could be offered made a splash. This assistant can help people on many issues and, for example, on a page / news / article that is opened. It is thought that it can summarize written content quickly. Details this Here Safari-based that we feature Arc Search browser already offers it, but it is thought that Apple has prepared a much stronger infrastructure in this regard.