5 tips for closing your pants in early pregnancy

5 tips for closing your pants in early pregnancy

How to put on your pants or jeans as your belly grows? Our tips and solutions to achieve this during the first months, before moving on to maternity clothes!

Between the 1st and 3rd month of pregnancy, the body of a future mother begins to change: the legs sometimes swell due to water retention and circulation difficulties, and the belly gently rounds. Result, it becomes more and more difficult to fit into her pregnancy pants, and even more into her jeans. Before buying new maternity clothes, here are some tips to achieve close your pants in early pregnancy!

1- Close your pregnancy pants with a hair elastic

Take a rubber band that you usually use to make a ponytail and thread it through the buttonhole of your pants or jeans. Form a loop then pass this loop around the button. You should be able to continue wearing your usual open pants without it noticing!

2- Close your pregnancy pants with a bandeau

The pregnancy headband is an important accessory during these 9 months because it allows you to wear the usual clothes for longer. This is a headband to be placed on the stomach over clothing. All you have to do is put on some unbuttoned pants and then pregnancy headband who will prevent the pants from falling while hiding your lower belly. Another advantage, the headband nicely highlights your curves. There are now many models of pregnancy headbands. The Envie de Fraise brand offers some pretty ones. On La Redoute, you will also find some to your liking, such as the Magnolia model. Favor as much as possible models made of ecological materials.

Maternity headband with gathers © Craving for strawberries

3- Close your pregnancy pants with a homemade headband

Are you a fan of recycling or do you have a small budget? You can also make your own pregnancy headband. All you have to do is cut a fairly wide strip from a T-shirt that you no longer use. Be careful, the headband must not compress your belly! However, it should be snug enough to hold your pants open at the buttonhole.

4- Close your pregnancy pants by sewing an elastic band

Pregnancy is the perfect time to harness your sewing skills and widen pants that are too small ! Take a pair of jeans you feel good in but don’t care too much about. Cut out part of your pants on both sides ideally at the pockets. Then place, in place of the cut out part, an elastic band all you have to do is sew. You should finally be able to find comfort in your jeans!


5- With a trouser extender

The pregnancy belt, also called a trouser extender, is also an easy and economical solution for stretching jeans, pants and even shorts. Simply fix the pregnancy belt on the buttonhole and the button of the garment to widen it As you wish. You then only have to place the piece of fabric in the opening of the pants or jeans for a perfect fit! Some pregnancy belts are offered with belt cover covers in different colors so you can choose them according to the color of your outfits! This is the case of the Carriwell Flexi-Belt belt offered on the Vertbaudet or Envie de fraise website or the Aye adjustable trouser extender for sale on amazon