36 people died in the train accident in Greece! Greek Minister Karamanlis resigns

36 people died in the train accident in Greece Greek

After the train accident in which 36 people died in Greece, Infrastructure and Transport Minister Kostas Karamanlis resigned. Karamanlis said in a statement, “When something this tragic happens, it’s impossible to go on and pretend it never happened. It’s called political responsibility. That’s why I’m announcing my resignation as Minister of Infrastructure and Transport.” Noting that he took responsibility for the mistakes made by the Greek state and political system throughout history, he said, “I express my deepest regrets and my support to the families of the victims.”


In the statement made by the Greek police, it was stated that the manager of the train station in the city of Larissa was detained in connection with the train accident. Greek Police Spokesperson Constantia Dimoglidou said in a statement that the 59-year-old suspect was detained by the Larissa Police Department as part of the preliminary investigation into the collision of a passenger train with a freight train and will be brought before a judge.


36 people were killed when the passenger train from Athens to Thessaloniki collided head-on with a freight train in the Tempi region, north of Larissa. In the accident, the first and second carriages of the passenger train were completely crushed by the force of the collision, while the third car derailed. According to the data of the railway company Hellenic Train, there were 342 passengers and 10 crew on the passenger train and 2 crew on the freight train in the accident. It was stated that most of the passengers on the passenger train were students. It was reported that the two trains were traveling towards each other on the same line for “kilometers” before the collision. While the cause of the collision is not yet known, the investigation into the incident continues.

Source: ─░HA-Reuters